One photo session , two light options

A lot of photographers struggling from choosing the wrong time for photo sessions. The time when sun still really on top. Here is some options for photosession at the beach two hours before the sunset.

First option is to shoot with a direct sun light. It's when you have model in front of a sun. Well this one is not the easy one. Here your model need to do everything to keep her/his eyes wide open. So what to do? You can take a picture sideways. Ask your model to turn a bit a face out of a direct sun. Also can help some poses with eyes closed or even use some glasses.

Another option is to take pictures in front of the sun. As you can see here photos are having a look more "foggy" and I would say even dreamy.Here you can play a bit with a sun on back of your model. It can be visible or can be fully behind your model.

Close to the sunset, more or less 30 minutes before , we change the outfit and MUAH. And here we got lucky because we had some clouds at the horizon. So mostly we had a clean white light. We still do some work after the sunset , lack of light made me edit these pictures with more noice but it didn't lose it's charm.